• 4th Open Workshop MusicNetwork
    Event15 September 2004 to 16 September 2004

    The theme of this workshop is the Integration of Music in Multimedia applications. Currently many new music-related applications are strongly impacting and attracting the market. Most of them will become more and more widespread in a short time, driven by users’ demand. The organisers are launching a Call for Proposals and Papers.

  • Health Care Risk Management
    Event15 September 2004

    Event organised by the European Regional Information Society Association (eris@) in collaboration in collaboration with the COCOON project. This research project, running under the 6th Framework Programme, focuses on supporting health care professionals in reducing risk management in their daily practices by building knowledge driven and dynamically adaptive networked communities within European Healthcare systems. The project started last January 2004 and will be running until June 2007. In this first phase of the COCOON project there is a need to identify 7 regions wishing to get involved in the Project. The aim of this event will be to present the project and give the floor to regions potentially interested in getting involved, to help them better understand the benefits of getting involved.

  • Decision 2004/641/EC
    Law14 September 2004

    2004/641/EC: Commission Decision of 14 September 2004 amending Decision 2002/627/EC establishing the European Regulators Group for Electronic Communications Networks and Services

  • EU stakeholder consultation on Action on Climate Change Post 2012
    News article14 September 2004

    In preparation for its consideration of medium and longer term emission reduction strategies, including targets, the European Council has requested the Commission to prepare an analysis of benefits and costs which takes account both of environmental and competitiveness considerations. The Commission expects to present its report in early 2005. On 13 September 2004 the Commission has launched a consultation to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to submit their views on how the future global climate change regime should be shaped and what the EU’s contribution to this should be. The aim of this consultation is to assist the Commission in identifying important issues for consideration in preparing its report for the spring 2005 European Council.

  • Programa Iberoamericano TIC Venezuela 2004
    Event13 September 2004 to 14 September 2004

    Seminario Iberoamericano de Tecnologías Información y Comunicación “Exportar para Ganar”. El tema central de este evento será el uso de las tecnologías de información y comunicación (TIC) como apoyo a las PYME en los procesos de exportación, internacionalización y penetración de nuevos mercados.

  • European Commission publishes the impact of the past 10 editions of the European Tech Investment Forum
    News article13 September 2004

    Access to finance continues to be an obstacle for Europe’s innovative technology companies, despite the short-lived "dot-com" boom. European entrepreneurs still face fragmented and varying European financial markets, leaving them at a competitive disadvantage. This is especially true for the new Member States where the capital markets are immature. Therefore, most ambitious technology entrepreneurs must seek funding across Europe if they care to raise capital in sufficient amounts from resourceful investors. The required cross-border search clearly increases costs, legal and financial risks and the time-to-market.

  • Public procurement: Commission consults on how Europe can make the most of electronic procurement
    Press release13 September 2004

    The European Commission has launched an on-line consultation aimed at identifying opportunities and challenges in electronic public procurement. This is part of the process of drawing up an Action Plan to help make sure Europe’s economy gets the maximum possible benefit from the implementation of the new provisions on electronic public procurement included in the legislative package of procurement Directives adopted in February 2004. The deadline for responses is 15 October. Public procurement is a key sector of the EU economy accounting for about 16% of GDP. Modernising and opening up procurement markets across borders – including through the expansion of electronic procurement - is crucial to Europe's competitiveness and for creating new opportunities for EU businesses.

  • EU blueprint for Security Research programme
    Press release9 September 2004

    The EU should launch a fully-fledged European Security Research Programme by 2007, with a sufficiently large budget. This is the core message of a Communication on "Security Research: The Next Steps", just adopted by the European Commission. The paper represents the Commission’s feedback to recommendations of a high-level group of 27 top European industry executives and policymakers, published last March. The report, "Research for a Secure Europe", stresses the need for increased co-ordination in this field and advocates an annual EU budget of € 1 billion for security research.

  • 43rd European Telecommunications Congress
    Event8 September 2004 to 11 September 2004

    Conference organised by the Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Union (FITCE). The Congress will focus on the evolution of broadband for fixed as well as for existing and new mobile networks. The congress topics - Mobility, Corporate/Carrier Services and Residential Services-, will be approached from different angles: the associated vision, technology, infrastructure, services and applications, as well as marketing and socio-economic aspects.

  • Video: Your guide around town
    Video7 September 2004

    Guidebooks’ days are numbered. Tourist offices should be concerned. Time Out and the like should worry too. People will no longer need them for directions or to arrange their evenings, whether at home or abroad. Thanks to Ambiesense’s new information technology system, both mobile phones and PDAs will allow you to see what is in town, from monuments and shops to leisure facilities, according to your taste, interests and budget.