• Commissioner Erkki Liikanen at ITU TELECOM 2003 : "Back on the Growth Path"
    News article14 October 2003

    On Sunday 12 October, Mr. Erkki Liikanen, Commissioner responsible for Information Society and Enterprise, participated at the opening of the ITU Telecom 2003 in Geneva. This telecom event, which takes place every 4 years, is gathering during a week top level companies and operators from the whole world. Mr. Liikanen gave a speech on where Europe stands with its European industry and what are now the perspectives after a tough period for the sector. He also described the concrete actions undertaken by the European Commission to support the sector: an important financial effort to invest in the research and development; working on the implementation of the new regularoty framework for electronic communications; achieving the goals of the eEurope Action Plan, especially eHealth, eLearning and eGovernment. He announced that the European Commission will take part in the Information Society World Summit in December 2003 and stated:" Given the scope of the challenge, political commitment at the highest level is indispensable. I am confident that from the World Summit, we will obtain this political commitment

  • "European Network Security"
    Speech13 October 2003

    Speech by Mr Erkki Liikanen Member of the European Commission, responsible for Enterprise and the Information Society, at the Stonesoft EMEA partner meeting in Helsinki (Finland) on 10 October 2003

  • Last chance to give your views for the IST Results user survey !
    News article13 October 2003

    The IST Results user survey closes on 14 October. You are invited to give us your feedback on this recently launched service to promote the innovations emerging from IST research projects.

  • Spam: Commission discusses with public and private stakeholders how to fight spam
    Press release13 October 2003

    With only a few days to go before the 31 October deadline for the transposition of the new Directive for Privacy and Electronic Communications, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society Erkki Liikanen will host a workshop on unsolicited communications or spam on 16 October in Brussels. More than 200 participants from Member States, industry and other stakeholders will discuss how they can contribute to making the 'ban on spam' as effective as possible, thereby generating greater consumer confidence in the Internet and communications services. Proposed actions would focus on consumer awareness, effective enforcement by Member States, technical and self-regulatory solutions by industry and international co-operation. The results will be used as input to a Commission Communication expected later this year.

  • World Standards Day, 14 October: Global standards for the Global Information Society
    Press release13 October 2003

    World Standards Day on 14 October will focus on the role of Standards for the Information Society. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards have a direct bearing on almost all aspects of our life: business and commerce, finance and banking, healthcare and education, transport and tourism, and public administration. This year's World Standards Day will also pave the way to an EU-US dialogue on ICT standards to exchange early warnings on potential technical barriers to global solutions for the Information Society. Europe's contribution to this dialogue include a recognition of the importance of open standards in order to stimulate competitive innovation in ICT goods and services worldwide. The UN World Summit on the Information Society to be held in December 2003 in Geneva, is also expected to recognise the importance of open and international standards, in line with the European approach.

  • Making Europe more accessible to people with disabilities
    Press release13 October 2003

    A policy agenda to make goods and services across Europe more accessible to all citizens, but particularly people with disabilities, will be drawn up at an Accessibility for all workshop in Brussels on 14 October. The workshop will be chaired by Commissioner Erkki Liikanen responsible for Enterprise and Information Society. This workshop will focus on the role of standards and questions on design for all in helping innovative enterprises to design products and services that meet the requirements of the widest possible range of users. In many cases, these goods and services, and particularly those incorporating information and communication technologies, are essential to enable people with disabilities both to access public services and to contribute to Europe's social and economic development

  • ITU Telecom World
    Event12 October 2003 to 18 October 2003

  • "eGovernment in the 21st Century"
    Speech10 October 2003

    Speech by Mr Erkki Liikanen, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Enterprise and the Information Society at the eGov 2003 Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany on 7 October 2003

  • Commission participates to Geneva TELECOM 2003 Conference
    Press release10 October 2003

    European Enterprise and Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen participates to the opening of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) TELECOM 2003 conference in Geneva (October 12-18) Throughout the conference, the European Commission will focus on the theme of eEurope. Each day on the Commission stand in Hall 5 (booth 5159), officials will be presenting one of the specific policy priorities that the Commission and Member States are pursuing in this context : modern online public services (e-government, e-learning, e-health), a dynamic e-business environment, widespread availability of broadband access at competitive prices and a secure information infrastructure.The Conference represents a good opportunity to demonstrate and exchange views on how EU policies may affect business development within the sector.