At the International Winter Symposium on Anesthesia and Perioperative Care in Trauma in Leuven, the EU-funded RASimAs project demonstrated the world`s first regional anesthesia assistant system.

According to the project experts the system aroused a great deal of public interest during the event on 5 February 2016. Almost 70 attendees from the symposium were able to try it; more than 30 of them described themselves as specialist anesthetists.

'Excellent training tool'

Over half of the surveyed delegates said they would be willing to use the Assistant in their daily practice. Medical students thought it was a useful training aid. Most trainees agreed that the RASimAs system is easy to use and particularly helpful in patients with a difficult anatomy and would be an excellent training tool.

Statistical analysis shows that with the Assistant, trainees are much better able to correctly identify the boundary of a nerve from an ultrasound image.

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