The aim of this workshop is to inform relevant stakeholders and experts about insights and preliminary results of the on-going study as well as to gather concrete feedback.

The "Study on using millimetre waves bands for the deployment of the 5G ecosystem in the Union" has been launched in December 2017 and is being carried out by IDATE and PLUM.

This study should explore the state of play and the prospects for the use of the mm-waves frequency bands framed by ITU Resolution 238, for the 5G ecosystem in the Union while taking into account also the prospective use of these bands in other ITU geographical regions. It has to address business-related and regulatory aspects (such as authorisation). In line with the European policy priorities, the study should highlight the role of the '26 GHz' pioneer band and how the use of the adjacent '28 GHz' band in particular for hybrid scenarios (e.g. for satellite and/or backhauling) might strengthen the prospects of taking up the '26 GHz' band for 5G. It will also assess the potential health effects due to exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The results of the study should contribute to the assessment of opportunities of usage of mm-waves for electronic communications as well as other relevant 5G services, in line with the 5G Action Plan (5GAP).

Please see updated draft agenda for more information.

If you cannot attend this event, you can follow it online here.