24 April 2017, Brussels

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In order to empower consumers and to safeguard principles of competition, consumer protection and data protection, the Communication on Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market said that the Commission will further promote interoperability actions, including through issuing principles and guidance on eID interoperability at the latest by 2017. The aim is to encourage online platforms to recognise other eID means — in particular those notified under the eIDAS Regulation — that offer the same or higher assurance as their own.

In this context, the Commission will organise a one-day workshop in Brussels bringing together representatives of online platforms, private and business platform users and other interested parties.

The workshop will aim to:

  • Explain the context and the purpose of the initiative;

  • Hear the views of the key stakeholder groups on how the use of eID by online platforms can benefit them and what challenges may need to be addressed;

  • Showcase examples of the use of national eID means by online platforms;

  • Using a participatory approach, collect ideas for a set of principles for eID interoperability as well as on the process to further elaborate and jointly agree on them.



Summary of the workshop


Video message by Dr. Stefano Quintarelli, Member of the Italian Parliament and Chairman of the steering committee of Italy's Digital Agency



We invite you also to consult our blog posts on the topic (here and here) in the eIDAS Observatory and share your views by leaving a comment there or by contacting us at CNECT-EGOVERNMENT-AND-TRUST@ec.europa.eu.

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