SAREF is a reference ontology for the Internet of Things that has been published as an ETSI Technical Specification and includes dedicated extensions to specific domains (currently energy, buildings and environment). In 2017, a Specialist Task Force (STF) was requested by ETSI and the European Commission to further extend SAREF to new domains, including Smart Cities.

PLEASE NOTE that due to unforeseen circumstances, the workshop has been postponed to 22 November

More details on this event taking plac on 22 November

Before the publication of the Technical Report with the requirements for the Smart Cities extension of SAREF, the STF team carried out different initiatives to validate such requirements with different stakeholders, such as the SAREF4CITY Validation Workshop that took place during the IoT Week 2018 in Bilbao.

This follow up workshop will also be of a practical nature and is open to everyone interested in the representation of smart city data using ontologies. Its goal is to validate the current implementation of the SAREF4CITY extension and identify alignments with existing models, provided by participants. Therefore, if you are already working with smart city models in your project or company or are planning to do so, you are welcome to attend and contribute to the workshop presenting your model and also joining the practical sessions to map your model to the SAREF4CITY ontology.


  • Svetoslav Mihaylov, European Commission
  • Raúl García-Castro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • María Poveda Villalón, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Laura Daniele, TNO
European Commission DG CONNECT.H5 - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - TNO
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