The Analysys Mason Study team will present final results and conclusions of their study on " Analysis of technology trends, future needs and demand for spectrum in line with Art. 9 of the RSPP" conducted on behalf of the European Commission.

This final workshop follows previous workshops on "Technology trends" (Brussels, 7 December 2012), on "Spectrum for commercial services" (Brussels, 15 February 2013) and on "Spectrum for governmental services" (Brussels, 1 March 2013).

The study covers the frequency range between 400 MHz and 6 GHz and aims to provide an informed view of future needs and demand for spectrum over the next ten years. This final workshop serves as an opportunity for stakeholders to get an overview of the findings, issues and guidelines to interpret the results that will be presented by the Study team. The Commission will also outline the next steps.

The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders and the Commission recalls that the results of the study are expected to represent one of several important contributions to the Commission’s ongoing work on an inventory of existing uses of spectrum, as required by Article 9 of the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP).

Please consult the following document for further information on the agenda and how to register for this event. The registration deadline is Monday 8 July 18:00h.