This will be an interactive workshop on the socio-economic impact of 5G in Smart Cities, homes, workplaces and non-urban areas.

5G is of strategic importance to Europe. Strategy and policy are shaped by the Network technologies unit of DG CONNECT (CNECT E1).

Much of the debate to date is driven from a technology perspective. In the framework of the study on "key socio-economic data for the strategic planning of 5G introduction in Europe" (SMART 2014/0008), the European Commission is seeking the viewpoint of the environments that will increasingly be using these networks in the future.

The workshop on 19th October will be an interactive event with the majority of time devoted to discussion between attendees about how 5G and enhanced wireless communications can contribute to smart cities, smart homes, smart workplaces and non-urban areas. Facilitated small group discussions will focus on each of these environments. The objective of the workshop is to identify important wireless requirements in the four ‘environments’ and investigate the key areas where 5G technologies can have the greatest socio-economic impact.

The workshop will build upon, and present results from, the workshop that took place on 22nd September 2015 that focused on four vertical industries (automotive, utilities, transport and healthcare) that will make a major contribution to the four environments. 

It is essential that experts from the four environments and specialists in socio-economic development have an opportunity to provide strong input to help shape Europe’s 5G strategy, policy and research activities.

All participants and those joining our online discussion group will receive short briefing papers about the potential influence of 5G and enhanced wireless communications on the four environments before of the workshop and an overview of discussions after the event.

More information about the study, workshop and briefing documents can be found at our LinkedIn discussion group.

Attendance is free, but places are limited. Please contact the organisers of the workshop to register.

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