The workshop will serve to gather views from stakeholders, in particular industry and research, which will be an input for the planned Communication on Standards Essential Patents in accordance with the Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market

After a short welcome and introduction, the morning part of the workshop will consist on the presentation of studies related to Standards Essential Patent (SEP) mandated by the Commission services, including their recommendations, followed by a discussion with the participants.

The following SEP studies will be presented:

In the afternoon, the second part is dedicated to the presentation of the EC ideas for the measures announced in the ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market (COM(2016)176) around the three pillars:

  1. Improving access, transparency and quality of SEPs declarations and databases
  2. Clarifying core elements of an equitable, effective and enforceable licensing methodology around FRAND principles
  3. Facilitating the efficient and balanced settlement of disputes

Commission representatives will moderate the sessions.

This workshop will also help the EC to gather the views of the different stakeholders, and in particular of newcomers in IoT and 5G (e.g., representatives of "verticals", such as automotive and smart grid producers, eHealth or home appliances). See detailed information from the agenda.

Registration is open until Thursday 19 January EOB, maximum two people from the same organisation may register and the final confirmation will depend on the number of registration applications.

The workshop will also be avalaible via webstreaming, please request the access.