Held on 25 January, the workshop consisted on the presentation of studies related to Standards Essential Patent (SEP) mandated by the Commission services, including their recommendations, followed by a discussion with the participants.

Workshop's Objective

This event seeked to gather views from stakeholders, which will be an input for the planned Commission actions on Standards Essential Patents (SEPs) in accordance with the Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market.

Participants reflected and commented on possible actions to create a balanced IPR policy, based on FRAND licensing terms in the context on new ICT standardisation developments (e.g. IoT, 5G). They discussed the possible adequate measures to get a level playing field, aiming at achieving a fair return on investment to incentivise R&D and innovation, a sustainable standardisation process, wide availability of technologies in an open and competitive market, and easing SMEs participation.

Several presentations on the different topics discussed are now available.


9:30 - Welcome: Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit 'Start-ups & Innovation', DG CONNECT, European Commission

09:35 - 10:00 Opening Speeches

Gerard de Graaf, Director, 'Digital Single Market' DG CONNECT, European Commission

Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General, DG GROW, European Commission

10:00 - 11:30 Session 1: Presentation of Commission mandated studies related to SEPs (20 minutes presentation per speaker)


  1. Pierre Régibeau, Charles River Associates – Study on Transparency, Predictability, and Efficiency of SSO-based Standardization and SEP Licensing - Presentation
  2. Tim Pohlmann & Knut Blind, IPLytics – Study on Landscaping study on SEPs in Europe - Presentation
  3. Justus Baron, Northwestern Laz & Chryssoula Pentheroudakis, IP Strategy and Policy - EC Joint Research Centre Study on  Licensing Terms of Standard Essential Patents - A Comprehensive Analysis of Cases - Presentation

11:30 - 17:00   Session 2: Discussion on possible measures to ensure a fair and non-discriminatory access to standards

Moderator: Michael König, Acting Head of Unit, 'Intellectual Property and Fight against Counterfeiting' Unit, DG GROW, European Commission

11:40 – 13:00 Pannel 1: Improving access, transparency and quality of SEPs declarations and databases


  1. Nicolas Rentmeister Head of Patent Department - Renault
  2. Sebastiano Tofaletti, Secretary General, European DIGITAL SME Alliance
  3. Kerry Miller, Senior IPR Licensing Counsel, Nokia Corporation - Presentation
  4. Lutz Richter – Chief Financial Officer, Valeo

14:00 - 15:30 Panel 2: Clarifying core elements of an equitable, effective and enforceable licensing methodology around FRAND principles


  1. Luke McLeroy - Vice President – Business Development, Avanci - Presentation
  2. Matthias Schneider - Senior Licensing Manager, Audi AG
  3. John Sideris - Principal Licensing Counsel, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards
  4. Matteo Sabattini – Chief Technology Officer, SISVEL

15:30 - 17:00   Panel 3: Facilitating the efficient and balanced settlement of disputes


  1. Klaus Haft, European Patent Lawyers Association, EPLAW - Presentation
  2. Heinz Polsterer, Senior Vice President T-Mobile
  3. Dina Kallay, Director of Intellectual Property and Competition Ericsson
  4. Richard Vacher Detourniere, General Manager & Chief Financial Officer, Inside Secure

For any question related to this workshop please contact EC-ICT-STD-PLATFORM@ec.europa.eu