At this workshop the Responsible Research and Innovation - Social Sciences and Humanities (RRI-SSH) approach in the forthcoming H2020 Work Programme 2016-17 were presented and discussed.

Research and innovation, funded by the EU, have to be responsible. This requirement has a very special intensity when it comes to ICT-related research and innovation. Indeed, the deployment of ICTs induces radical and pervasive changes in our lives in multiple ways that cannot be underestimated.

This requires a thoughtful approach to project design when applying for H2020 calls, taking into account the different aspects of RRI. These different aspects of RRI are public engagement, gender equality, ethical issues, education and open access. The thoughtful design also includes involving the appropriate mix of scientific disciplines, including the SSH part of the spectrum.

On February 3rd, a workshop was held where the RRI-SSH approach for the forthcoming WP16-17 was presented and discussed. It took place from 9:30 until 17:30 at Avenue de Beaulieu 25 in 1160 Brussels. For further details, please check the programme.

Please find the PPT slides from the opening plenary and the notes taken at each session attached below. Video recordings of the opening and closing plenaries are available here.

You can access the list of participants (those with a public profile) here and an information leaflet with useful links here.

For those interested, in the afternoon of February 2 an Info Day was held to present the needs and opportunities for RRI-SSH inputs in project proposals for the calls that have a deadline in 2015.

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