This workshop is jointly organised by the European Commission and by the CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) to prepare for the WRC-07 in the autumn. Please register before 7 March 2007.

Access to the radio spectrum is a critical requirement for all sectors using wireless technologies, such as media, mobile communications, defence and aviation. The management of this scarce and valuable natural resource can have significant societal and economic impacts which in Europe are often addressed more effectively by cooperation between Member States. For this reason, in recent years, activities to develop a coherent European radio spectrum policy have gathered pace, under the impulse of the European Commission and with the active collaboration of CEPT, in order to support common EC/EU policy areas, such as the Single Market, Environment and Transport.

Beyond Europe, global coordination of spectrum use is also essential. It is undertaken within the ITU, a United Nations agency, which every three or four years holds the World Radiocommunication Conference, to update the ITU Radio Regulations, a set of common rules agreed as an international treaty on how this resource is to be shared globally. The next conference will be held in October and November 2007 in Geneva

The main objectives of this workshop are: to discuss European policy objectives for the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-07) in the autumn, assist the Commission's preparation of a Communication to the Council of Ministers and to the European Parliament on these issues, and to provide input to CEPT in the finalisation of the European Common Proposals to WRC-07.