The SciCafe2.0 Consortium organised a workshop on "Citizens’ Say Participatory Engagement Tool Stakeholders’ Requirements". The SciCafe2.0 Project funded under the Collective Awareness Platforms Objectives of the European Commission's FP7 Research Programme, is currently engaged in a user requirements study focused on the elicitation and prioritisation of the various stakeholders’ needs in respect of ICT-enabled tools for promoting and conducting Public Engagement and Participative Leadership (PEL).

This Citizens' Say Stakeholders' Requirements Meeting Workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to discuss their expectations from a support ecosystem of Participative Engagement and Leadership Tools and Facilitation Know-How to suit their particular PEL contexts.  The SciCafe PEL Models Refinement Effort is designed to encourage the sharing of best practice in the deployment of PEL Tools and Session Preparation and Facilitation Knowhow so as to motivate continuous learning and improvement of our approaches to PEL as may be suited to each particular context and scale of engagement.    

Arrival and Registration 13:30
•           Welcome Address, the SciCafe2.0 Mission, The Engagement Protocol Today, 13:30 -13:40  -Atta Badii
•           Collective Awareness Platforms Key Objectives: 13:40 -13:50 Fabrizio Sestini, European Commission
•           SciCafe2.0 Approach to Stakeholders’ Requirements Prioritisation 13:50-14:00 -Atta Badii
             Psych-socio-cognitive motivation-theoretic underpinnings for human engagement
             Normative Ethno-methodologically guided ranking of most deeply valued needs of stakeholders
•           The Handbook of On-line Participatory Methodologies, 14:00-14:10   -Tommaso Castellani
•           Holistic Perspective of On-line Participatory Tools, 14:10 to 14:20   - Patrizia Grifoni
•           The Observatory for Crowd-sourcing and the CAPs Survey, 14:20- 14:30  -Franco Bagnoli
•           The Citizens’ Say Knowledge Base, 14:30-14:40   - Jaimi Costa
•           The Citizens'Say Platform as part of the PEL Support Ecosystem 14:40-15:00  -Fernando Ferri
•           Q&A Re the use of the Citizens’ Say Platform 15:00-15:15
Refreshments Break 15:15-15:25
Stakeholders’ Requirements and PEL Model Innovation Partnerships Scheme run through SciCafe2.0 Support Agency PEL Facilitation KnowHow Services: The European Observatory for Crowd-Sourcing:
Open parallel sessions with stakeholder sub-groups around small tables discussing their requirements; facilitated by members of the SciCafe Consortium; focused on the following 3 themes:
•           Identification of distinct context of use and objectives of different stakeholders of PEL, 15:25-15:40
•           Identification of the ranked requirements of distinct stakeholder PEL subgroups of PEL, 15:40-16:00
•           Identification of PEL Model Innovation Partnerships Champions for distinct contexts, 16:00-16:20
•           Summing up of ranked requirements and comments by each sub-group rapporteurs, 16:20-16:55
•           Closing remarks and details of the next stakeholder meeting, 16:55-17:00  -Atta Badii

Organisers: SciCafe2.0 Consortium and DG CONNECT
Session co-Chairs Atta Badii, Balint Balazs
Facilitiators:  The ScieCafe Consortium Partner Representatives

SciCafe2.0 Consortium and DG CONNECT
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