The workshop will present the findings of the Alliance for the Internet of Things (AIOTI) WG03 and its related sub groups on IoT landscape analysis, definition of a high-level architecture and semantic interoperability between interconnected "things" and systems. The findings are presented in the context of other major initiatives such as oneM2M, ITU-T, IEC, ISO/IEC JTC 1, W3C, IEEE and IIC.

Workshop's Objective

The objective of this workshop is to link the achievements of the AIOTI WG03 to the other initiatives and to explore how IoT architectures may be applied across application domains, such as smart farming, automotive, smart city, assisted living, future manufacturing and smart wearables.

Expected Outcome

We expect that the workshop will consider the current IoT standardisation landscape and explore the possibilities for common architecture reference models which facilitate cross- domain application of IoT components and frameworks. It will discuss how the IoT high-level architecture can be tailored to different domains and how it can support existing technology frameworks. It will provide a first step in mapping different levels of the IoT high-level architecture into possible instantiations for different vertical sectors and to discuss possible gaps and priorities of IoT standardisation.

The findings of the workshop will help potential proposers in the H2020 call for large scale IoT pilots to compare their approach to existing solutions, to clearly address the roadblocks to be overcome within the context of an IoT high-level architecture, and to position their approach in the context of other European and global initiatives.


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European Commission DG CNECT/E1 Network Technologies and the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)