The workshop organised on the 3rd of February, presented the neuromorphic technologies developments in the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Programme, and in particular in the Human Brain Project. The final report is now available.

Neuromorphic technologies developments are a powerful solution for future advanced computing systems.

The objective of the workshop was to identify the most important aspects that need to rapidly mature to allow for an effective take-up of the Neuromorphic computing (NMC) technology offer in terms of performance characteristics, development environments and interfaces.

The workshop brought the main NMC developers in Europe together with representatives of relevant industrial partners from projects funded by the European Commission in potential application domains, in the context of the European R&I Framework Programmes (currently Horizon 2020): Robotics & AI, HPC, Big Data, IoT, Security, etc. Industry umbrella organisations in Europe are also invited.  

The report from the workshop is now available.

More details about the workshop in the agenda and the terms of reference.

Presentations given during the workshop are listed below:

Neuromorphic computing

NMC global state-of-the-art / NMC in HBP / SpiNNaker & BrainScaleS systems / Innovation roadmap drafting - Steve Furber and Karlheinz Meier (U Manchester)

NMC in other FET projects - Julian Ellis (EC, CNECT C3) and Salvatore Spinello (REA)

NMC in other EU projects  + the NMC engineering community - Giacomo Indiveri (ETH Zürich) 

NMC in Member States R&D - Edouard Geoffrois (FLAG-ERA)

Advanced-computing needs of potential innovators in EU programme areas

Robotics & AI - Cecilia Huet (EC, CNECT A1)

WYSIWYD project Paul Verschure (U Pompeu Fabra)

Security (DG CNECT) - Florent Frederix (EC, CNECT H1)

Digitising Industry Sandro D'Elia (EC, CNECT A2)

HiPEAC view on NMC - Marc Duranton (CEA)

GlobalSensing Tech (GST) - Michel Paindavoine (CTO GST)

Components - Eric Fribourg-Blanc (EC, CNECT A3)

The ECSEL roadmap - Yves Gigase (ECSEL PPP)

Photonics - Anna Pelagotti (EC, CNECT A4)

FullPhase project - Peter Brands (ESAOTE)          

HPC & Quantum - Andrea Feltrin (EC, CNECT C2)           

IoT - Rolf Riemenschneider (EC, CNECT E4)          

EC and RTOs support towards innovation   

The path towards Key Enabling - Laure Baillargeon (EC, GROW F3)

Technologies (KET) - Leena Sarvaranta (VTT)

How to build an innovation roadmap from emerging technologies: Experience from the Graphene roadmap - Thomas Reiss (Fraunhofer)

EC tool & services to support Innovation: what can we do for you? - Luuk Borg (EC, CNECT F3)


Breakout sesion 1: NMC for sensing applications  - François Danneville (CNRS) presented an "Ultra Low Power CMOS Artificial Neuron"


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