This workshop is part of the OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities, an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs.

Every year, the OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities gathers experts in regional and local development to exchange good practice in economic development, cross-border cooperation, public-private partnerships, regional innovation and other related topics.

As part of the OPEN DAYS event, we hosted the workshop "Digital Skills and entrepreneurship in the 'Digital Revolution Era: from EU funding opportunities to job creation".

The workshop presented best practices of regions utilizing public and private funding to implement successful ICT learning programmes (e.g. for young people, unemployed, career-changers).

It addressed the role of industry and the synergies that can be obtained in closer cooperation in view of the skills gap (also with respect to entrepreneurship), and the skills shortage that affects the industry and the economy. 

This workshop was preceded by a back-to-back event focused on 'Education, Training and Skills: Connecting students and employees in the case of electronics'.

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European Commission, Committee of the Regions