This meeting brought together Member States representatives from the Digitising European Industry and Artificial Intelligence platform, as well as the subgroup on Digital Skills of the Digital Single Market Strategic Group.

During two days, Member States representatives met in Brussels to discuss on three key topics for the future of Europe:

Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence

The Working Group met for the first time since the adoption of the Coordinated Plan on AI that the Commission launched together with Member States in 2018. They discussed:

  • Organisational questions relating to the 2019 review process and tools for better cooperation
  • Financing tools to support SMEs in their digital transformation
  • Testing facilities: Reference testing facilities and regulatory sandboxes
  • Skills as part of national AI strategies

Digital Innovation Hubs

In the context of the reinforced role that hubs will play in the upcoming Digital Europe programme, Member States discussed:

  • The selection process of the hubs
  • The precise scope of the activities of the hubs
  • Activities that they are running to prepare DIHs for their tasks in the Digital Europe Programme and the AI Coordinated Plan

There were also bilateral meetings with each Member State to discuss the draft reports that are being prepared on the different national initiatives for digitising industry. 

Digital Skills 

This Group is a subset of the Digital Single Market Strategic Group, which discusses ICT policy issues in the context of Digital Single Market (DSM) and gives input and advice on possible improvements and adjustments on DSM actions. The Subgroup on skills monitors overall progress with the DSM implementation, focusing on the social impacts of the digital transformation and in particular on digital skills development.

Presentations 18 March

Session 1: Governance of AI

Session 2 – Exchange of best practices  

Session 3 – Regulatory sandboxes and reference testing facilities

Session 4 – Skills in AI

Presentations 19 March

Session 1 – Skills state of play of current education offer

Session 2.1: Digital Innovation Hubs in Digital Europe Programme

Session 2b – DIHs in Digital Europe and AI Coordinated Plan

Session 3a – Overview of National Initiatives on Digitising Industry

Background documents distributed before the meeting