40 teams are invited to attend Campus Party Brazil and will compete for prizes and glory.

The FI-WARE project and Campus Party have launched a series of contests, which together will distribute more than 800,000 Euros in prizes. A first contest was held in September 2013 during Campus Party 2013 Europe in London, where FI-WARE challenged Campuseros to build applications on FI-Lab, a live instance of the FI-WARE technologies available to developers for free experimentation with the technology. The potential of the FI-WARE technologies for smart cities has recently been demonstrated at Santander (see also the video).

Two new contests are currently open, and they focus on:

Both contests will each hand out 200,000 Euro in prizes. This will happen in two phases:

  • In the first phase, contestants need to send in their ideas. Having a proof of concept deployed in FI-LAB will increase the chances. On 20 December 2013, the first phase ended. 20 proposals are now selected and will go to the second phase. Each of the 20 proposals receives 2,800 Euro to enter the second phase of the challenge and to attend Campus Party Brazil 2014, where the second phase will take place.
  • During Campus Party Brazil in Sao Paulo (27 January - 2 February 2014), the selected teams will further work on their prototypes and will make a public demonstration of their results. A total of 145,000 Euro will be distributed among the winners of the second phase.

The list of 2 x 20 proposals selected can be found here.

More challenges will be launched this year.

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