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Proud winner of the second WiFi4EU Call, the Swedish municipality of Uddevalla has leveraged the EUR 15,000 voucher to expand the existing public network and offer free connection to citizens and visitors across the territory.

Located in the heart of the Swedish region of Bohuslän, the municipality of Uddevalla is nestled between sea and mountains. The extraordinary viewing points and the wide variety of activities available make it a tourist destination all year round. The WiFi4EU voucher won during the second call comes as a perfect complement to the municipality’s plans to expand the offer of public Wi-Fi access for citizens and visitors. The WiFi4EU team spoke with Sophie Carling, Business Development Manager for Uddevalla, to learn more about the plans to upgrade the local network.

"Many people expect to find free Wi-Fi in urban areas, so we are happy that we were able to enhance the quality of the navigation", said Carling. Uddevalla already featured free Wi-Fi areas, as part of a long-term development plan and digital strategy implemented in the municipality. The WiFi4EU voucher was leveraged to cover focal places across the municipality that deliver improved services to the population. Citizens and tourist can now access to free public connection in schools, residential and care homes, libraries, tourist centres, museums and parks in the area of Uddevalla.

Thanks to the European Commission grant, the municipality was also able to invest in a network covering the locality of Ljungskile and its marina, a hotspot for tourists all year round. The newly-installed network will allow citizens and visitors to use Mooringo, a mobile app developed by the municipality to digitalise the rental and sharing of private berths at the marina. The app was launched to solve the problem of full marinas and foster sustainable tourism. Mooringo is only one of the many initiatives included in Uddevalla’s digital strategy.

“Free internet hotspots are part of a very important infrastructure for the locals. We wanted to reach out to our visitors and young people because they might not always have good deals with local mobile operators”, commented Carling. The municipality has now its eyes set on developing more digital services and enjoying the summer by the marina thanks to WiFi4EU!

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