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Bulgaria has been awarded 232 WiFi4EU vouchers. Learn more about how municipalities are making e-government services more accessible for citizens thanks to the WIFI4EU initiative!

Eager to hold its position as a leader in digital governance and services, Bulgaria ranks second among the countries with highest WiFi4EU coverage: during the four calls for applications, 232 out of the total 265 municipalities in Bulgaria have been awarded a WiFi4EU voucher, each worth EUR 15,000!

The country boasts 88% WiFi4EU coverage also thanks to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology, and Communications, which played a pivotal role in galvanizing local support for the initiative. Seen the progress made by the Bulgarian government in the provision of online public services, Mayors have seen in WiFi4EU the opportunity to give all citizens the chance to take advantage of e-administration services, and much more. “This investment will be returned in the form of satisfaction of our citizens, opportunities for development of the local businesses and tourism, as well as opportunities for the young people to rediscover the world”, explained the Mayor of Troyan, Donka Mihaylova. On the other hand, Mayor of Ruse, Plamen Stoilov, is excited to be part of a pan-European community: “This free and wireless internet gives Ruse the opportunity to be in direct contact with the other European municipalities and to be more visible, this is a great acquisition for the citizens of Ruse, especially for the young people, thus promoting tourism”.

The vast coverage of the WiFi4EU national network will benefit both locals and visitors by providing free public access to Wi-Fi in the length and breadth of Bulgaria. Tourists relaxing on the long golden beaches on the Black Sea in Primorsko and Burgas will be able to connect to the network and share the photos of the turquoise waters. The mountains, untamed forests and glacial lakes will also be covered by WIFi4EU, allowing hikers to stay connected, while skiers in Bansko will enjoy Wi-Fi after a long day of winter sports and birdwatching. Locals and visitors of all ages will stay connected where nature meets history, in the stunning Summer Palace of Queen Marie & Botanical Gardens in Balchik, in the Roman ruins in Varna and Plovdiv, and in the Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Târnovo.

Have a look at the lists of Bulgarian beneficiaries: Call 1, Call 2, Call 3, Call 4.

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