For the first time ever, ICT 2015, organised by the European Commission and the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, includes a complementary off-site exhibition, open to the general public.

The ICT 2015 off-site exhibition takes place between 18th- 22nd October 2015 and is being held in a custom-built panoramic pavilion on Praça do Comércio, in the centre of Lisbon, Portugal.
Under the theme, "What European ICT is doing for you" it gathers five EU-funded ICT projects chosen to illustrate direct applications in citizens’ lives.

All visitors are welcome and encouraged to interact with the showcases and learn about the impact of most recent European ICT Research & Innovation projects: educative empathic robots, wearables used in sports/physiotherapy and games, super-materials of the future industries, applications for active aging and more.

Visit our off-site exhibition and you will be able to see, try or interact with:

The fun robotic outdoor guide

FROG will lead the guests in the guided tour and will interact with passers outside the pavilion.

Two empathic robots involved in education

EMOTE project develops robotic tutors as learning facilitator tools and it focuses on a new generation of Empathic Robots.
Two interaction scenarios are offered:

  • Treasure Hunt: a search/navigation activity through a city map, in which the robot teams with his human partner (usually a child) to find a prize.
  • Enercities game: a game to collaboratively build a sustainable city, considering the available resources, green spaces, economy and wellbeing. The robot interacts with two human payers, adapting its behaviours to their emotional state and to the state of the activity.

Intelligent wearables to try on

EASY-IMP project aims to develop methodologies, tools and platforms for the design and production of personalised smart garments and associated services. The outfits with wearable sensors embedded into the garment will communicate with mobile and cloud computing applications.
More specifically EASY will focus on the following pilot applications:

  • rehabilitation and developmental games
  • personal training
  • cardiac rehabilitation

Interactive application ensuring independent and active life for the elderly

The ALFRED project is developing an interactive virtual butler for older people, which is easy to use thanks to a non-technical, voice controlled user interface. It offers support for tasks in and outside the home and empowers the elderly to live independently for longer. It slows down age-related physical and cognitive impairments with the help of personalized games. Moreover, it fosters active participation in society by suggesting and managing events and social contacts.

Super - material of the future in your hands

The Graphene exhibition stand will illustrate graphene and ground-breaking experiments related to this super-material. The exhibition will show the rapid transformation of curiosity driven research into applications and commercial products: tennis rackets, light bulbs, flexible screens, sensors, membrane for water filtration and many more. Visitors are invited to imagine other potential applications which could have an immense impact on human society.

Smart water for smart societies

With the change of seasonal climate conditions, the availability of water resources at global level is becoming a big concern. ICT and water efficiency is a key policy issue with high potential for new research. ICT4WATER is a cluster of ICT and water management projects which aims to increase efficiency in water management and enable greater cooperation among water regulators, operators and users.

The exhibition runs from 18 to 22 October 2015
Opening hours 10h30 – 19h30 (17h00 on 22 October)
The entry is free of charge

ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015