The revised PSI Directive:

  • introduces a genuine right to reuse by making reusable all content that can be accessed under national access to documents laws;
  • lowers the upper ceiling for charges on reuse applicable in standard cases to marginal costs, i.e. the costs incurred by the individual request for reuse (reproduction, provision and dissemination costs); exceptions are allowed in a limited set of cases;
  • expands the scope of application of the Directive to certain cultural institutions such as libraries (including university libraries), museums and archives, but making them subject to a number of different rules that reflect that set of rules of the 2003 Directive, namely:
    There is no genuine right to reuse; only such documents the reuse of which has previously been allowed are reusable;
    Cultural institutions can charge reusers based on the principle of full costs recovery, including a reasonable return on investment;
    Cultural institutions may engage in the award of exclusive exploitation rights if necessary to ensure digitisation projects,
  • reinforces the obligation to be transparent on conditions and on charges applied to reuse;
  • invites Member State to make more documents available in machine-readable and open formats.