Are you interested in smart mobility? Would you like to know more about 5 European initiatives that roll out new, smarter and sustainable solutions in European cities? This webinar will give you the opportunity to hear about the cities and companies that are leading 5 actions as part of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart Cities and Communities.

Their aim is to become the leading platform for understanding city needs, for bringing stakeholders together, building the tools that support an innovation pipeline, and directly supporting individual networks and projects that are en-route to realisation.

It focuses on five Initiatives:

  1. E-Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities (EV4SCC) – lead by Urban Foresight, it aims to become the biggest platform of Electric Mobility in the World;
  2. New Mobility Services (NMS) – lead by the Province of Noord-Brabant/Brabanstad, it aims to build a common ground for New Mobility Services, supporting service replication and cooperation between cities and private sector;
  3. Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transition (IMET) – lead by Nissan, it aims to create a mechanism for the development of sustainable energy models through e-mobility solutions as an innovative product for the development of smart cities;
  4. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) – lead by Airbus, it aims to contribute to the enablement of urban mobility into the third dimension – the air – by offering a forum to the community to jointly work towards the definition of a deployment strategy and roadmap for the next generation of urban mobility featuring the air dimension;
  5. Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles (AFSV) – lead by Aebi-Schmidt, it aims to create a guideline that draws on the very latest and most appropriate technologies to recommend to cities to help steer a clear path in order to achieve the zero emission target in the field of special vehicles.

Together, these actions form the Action Cluster Sustainable Mobility of the European Innovation Partnership in Smart cities (EIP-SCC). Other Action Clusters deal with energy, ICT and cross-cutting issues.

The EIP-SCC Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster (EIP-SCC SUM AC) invites interested stakeholders to a webinar on 5 December 2017, from 11:00 to 12:45 CET.