On June 30th, the European Film Forum will stop in Bologna for the first time to discuss the exploitation of film heritage in the current technological environment.

On June 30th, the Auditorium DMS of Bologna (Piazzetta Pasolini 2) will host the first European Film Forum in relation with film heritage, against the backdrop of the "Il Cinema Ritrovato" Festival. The event is organised by the European Commission (MEDIA programme) and the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes.

The topics addressed will revolve around film heritage: its cultural and economic value, its restoration, its dissemination in the digital age and the commercial activities it is related to. The focus will be, in particular, on the technological development and the opportunities they bring to film and its business ecosystem.

Many film heritage institutions (from France, the UK, Italy, Poland) will be joining the panel. The European Audiovisual Observatory will take this opportunity to present a report (free accessible here) on film heritage theatrical, DVD and VoD releases, as well as on the key role of promotion and restoration. The report will be made available here after the event.

The programme of the event is available here.

The discussions will be followed by the screening of "L’Albero degli zoccoli" by Ermanno Olmi, Palme d'Or in Cannes in 1978.