Have your say regarding the revision of the Guide to Broadband Investment. The European Commission has just initiated the work to update the Guide: you can provide feedback on the current version of the guide an participate in pre-publication consultation on the updated version. The current broadband investment guide dates back to 2014 and is available in 22 languages. It helps local, regional and national authorities to develop long-term development plans to bring fast internet to their communities. It also gives practical tips to public authorities for the preparation of investment projects.

The European Guide to Broadband Investment

The new updated Guide will be presented in the second half of 2019 and will undergo consultation with key stakeholders before being published. The Guide will also incorporate State-Aid aspects previously covered in several different documents and guidance papers. The handbook will be updated with the support of two experts: Dr Forzati of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Dr Ramada of London Economics.

In order to gather as much relevant information from the start as possible and deliver an as complete Guide as possible and relevant for the users (local, regional and national authorities, especially those in charge of EU funds), the Commission is opening now a call for feedback and for interest in pre-publication consultation.

Call for feedback on the current version of the Guide:

  • Feedback from anyone and of any type is welcome.
  • Be as concise as possible: from one sentence to one A4 page maximum, in English, see the template for feedback below.
  • To be sent by email to CNECT-BROADBAND-EUROPE@ec.europa.eu.
  • Latest by 28 February 2019.

Call for interest in pre-publication consultation:

  • Are you a stakeholder with competence and experience in broadband investment? Do you want to contribute in making the guide as complete, ease-to-read and relevant for our audience?
  • Let us know latest by 28 February 2019, by email to CNECT-BROADBAND-EUROPE@ec.europa.eu.
  • Selected organisations will be notified within two weeks.
  • The consultation will be opened in May for three weeks.

Template for feedback on the current version of the Guide:

  1. Structure – Would you rather rearrange the guide in a different way? If so how?
  2. Chapters and sections – Which were most / least useful or which need to be expanded or reduced? Please indicate which ones.
  3. The new guide will also address key regulatory issues including the main state aid aspects. Which state aid aspects do you expect specific focus or further explanation about (e.g. step change, public consultations, mapping, technological neutrality, access prices and conditions, etc.)?
  4. Are there any other EU regulatory aspects relevant for broadband investment that require specific guidance to facilitate compliance? If so, which ones?
  5. Which aspects of broadband investment (e.g. planning, financing, investment/business models, procurement and evaluation, infrastructures and technological alternatives, project execution, monitoring/reporting, etc.), should provide most guidance and good practices examples?
  6. Correctness – Have you spotted any inaccuracies? If so which?
  7. Omissions – Did we missed anything important? If so, what?
  8. Level of details – Is there excessive detail? Example(s)
  9. Is language and terminology too technical (too much jargon), unclear/inaccurate? Please make examples.
  10. Other issues/feedback you may want to provide.