Many people believe that digital public services should be shaped around people’s needs and be easily accessible. Within the current economic climate there is also a requirement for these services to be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Digital technology offers considerable potential for public sector organisations to better meet people’s needs and provide services accessible to all more efficiently.

It's not difficult, nor too expensive. Digital technologies can also help address the challenges of urbanisation. Smart cities promote environmental, social and economic sustainability by linking existing digital solutions in the energy, transport and ICT sectors.


The Workshop 2 on smart and accessible public services at the Digital Agenda Assembly. 

These issues will be discussed at Digital Agenda Assembly's Workshop on "Going Smart and Accessible in Public Services and Cities" in Dublin on 19th June. Online Discussion has already revealed some interesting areas for debate and you are welcome to join and add your testimonial. 


Join the online debate in Digital Agenda for Europe on smart and accessible public services and cities 

Online discussion for Workshop 2 prior to the Digital Assembly is already uncovering interesting issues in digital services delivery and is revealing some inspiring examples of innovative service provision.  Share your ideas and examples of innovative service provision in the online debate, and twitter: #da13smart.