What if you, while visiting the US, need urgent medical help and the doctor doesn't know your medical history? The EU-funded Trillium Bridge project wants to align the use of standards between the EU and the US to share basic patient data between health professionals. Of course only when the patient has given his consent.

The EU has decided to fund this project in order to implement the EU-US roadmap for eHealth.

In short, Trillium Bridge wants to bring the European "Patient Summary" (a summary of crucial patient data for health professionals to be able to help patients quickly) to the US and, vice versa, the American "Meaningful Use II Transitions of Care" to the EU.

"This will in the long term establish an interoperability bridge that will benefit EU and US citizens alike, advancing eHealth innovation and contributing to a triple win: quality care, health system sustainability and societal economic growth", the project experts explain.

Answering questions

The Trillium Bridge researchers will do a feasibility study based on a validation exercise in three European countries implementing the EU epSOS-pilot and two US providers. The project will try to answer these questions:

  • What does it take for EU citizens to access their European patient summary and relay it to a US healthcare provider to be read, displayed and possibly incorporated into their EHR system?
  • Could US citizens visiting Europe provide their medical information to healthcare providers accepting European patient Summaries in an understandable and usable form, translated to their local language and perhaps to be incorporated into the EHR system?

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