The TREASORES project demonstrated that new light sources and photovoltaics foils can be produced with roll to roll techniques (R2R), (a cheap process very close to how newspapers are printed), to obtain transparent foils that can be cut in any shape and turned on to emit light, or to harvest light.

TREASORES in fact demonstrated scale-up of flexible, transparent and indium-free conductive barrier foils for low-cost R2R production of organic light emitting diodes (OLED), light emitting electrochemical cells (LEC) and organic photovoltaics (OPV).

The project achieved very good results for transparent electrodes on flexible substrates that are better than the indium tin oxide (ITO) reference by achieving transparency of more than 80%, conductivity of 10 Ohm/sq and lower cost. Moreover, the indium-free electrodes are more resistant to damage when bent or manipulated. The results were demonstrated with two different approaches, thin silver electrodes and conductive fabrics, in a roll-to-roll process. Transparent electrodes using carbon nanotubes were comparable to ITO. 

The project has also a high exploitation potential with several exploitation routes for the various partners and 8 patent applications made. 

Check out the YouTube video and the press release on the successful results recently made.

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