Held in Rotterdam, the meeting aims to define joint principles and to deliver recommendations for action to integrate digital healthcare in the education and training programmes of medical doctors in the Member States across Europe. Hosted by Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam and the European Commission, the event is endorsed by the European University Hospital Alliance.

The digital transformation of healthcare is impacting the daily working life of health professionals, particularly doctors, in different ways, in terms of organisation, clinical practice and interaction with patients. Yet not all education and training systems across in Europe take account of this aspect by including it as a core component in the education of student doctors, or in the continuous professional development programmes offered to health professionals throughout their career. How educational and training curricula for health professionals are developed also varies from one country to another, making updates and reform even more complex to implement.

By putting the spotlight on this important topic, this meeting will explore how to prepare future and current doctors for the digital healthcare transformation as well as how to better integrate digital skills in the education and training of medical doctors.

Participants of the conference will be deans, educational directors and student representatives from various medical schools across Europe, as well as representatives of professional and student organisations, innovators and policy makers. In addition to key-note speeches and presentations of recent innovations, there will be a series of active 'break-out' sessions during which in-depth discussion and brainstorming in smaller groups will be possible.

The discussions will result in a set of recommendations for action that can be disseminated and taken forward by participants, and brought to the attention to policy makers.


sted by Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam and the European Commission

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