This study is meant to investigate the interrelations between technological, social and economic trends related to the future Internet: at first, by analysing how the current Internet evolved until now, its main drivers and effects; then, by discussing the possible technological options and scenarios for its further development and their likely socio-economic impact; finally, by identifying risks/opportunities for Europe. Based on an overview of existing studies in this area, the study should consult the main authorities in the field of Internet developments, both at political and technological level, covering the whole range of different social, political and business positions. Visionary scientists and politicians should be duly identified and interviewed, personally or in ad-hoc events organised in order to stimulate brainstorming and public awareness on this new conceptual approach. A strong web presence is necessary to support the study and create public awareness on the topic. Deadline for submission of tenders: 22 September 2008. Deadline for request of documents: 15 September 2008