The final conference of the Time Machine Coordination and Support Action (CSA) will be an opportunity to learn about the results of this one-year CSA project including its strategies, goals and concrete next steps.

Two children back to back: one from 1940 in black and white facing an old picture of a city, one from today facing current London

The conference will take place on Monday 17th February 2020 from 12h30 to 17h30 in Brussels. The event is free but subject to registration. 


Time Machine aims to build the Big Data of the Past, a large-scale digitisation and computing infrastructure based on multi-scale modelling and simulation and AI technologies. This infrastructure will be used for digitising huge volumes of information from Europe’s historical archives, large museum and library collections, and geo-historical datasets that are mapping millennia of European historical and geographical evolution. Making available these vast amounts of Europe’s cultural and historical knowledge will have a profound effect on understanding Europe’s historical and societal evolutions and an impact on key sectors such as the ICT industry, creative industries, and tourism.

The project is one of the six preparatory actions addressing major technological and societal challenges in the areas of ICT for connected society selected by the European Commission in 2018.


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