Workstreams around cloud cybersecurity certification and cloud switching and data porting progressed significantly. The next meeting of the DSM ('Digital Single Market') cloud stakeholder working groups in October will develop the work further. New stakeholders are welcome.

Cloud with spinning arrows inside

During the meeting of the DSM self-regulatory cloud working groups last 4/5 July in Paris, work progressed in the Cloud Cybersecurity Certification (CSPCERT) and Switching/Porting (SWIPO) working groups. The SWIPO sub-working groups on IaaS and SaaS cloud services decided in Paris to develop common terminology, common legal principles and common governance principles. These principles, once developed, will ensure consistency between the IaaS and SaaS codes. During the upcoming meeting in Rome, the outcome of work on these principles will be discussed.

Also in Rome, the CSPCERT working group aims to finalise a comprehensive set of underlying detailed security objectives, as well as to initiate the discussion of a comparative analysis of the different conformity assessment methodologies in existence.

By the next plenary meeting of the group in Vienna (December 2018) a final draft should be proposed with the idea of opening a public consultation.

In the afternoon a sister-event, organised by the Italian association Assonime, will take place on the topic of the Commission's April data package. Subjects like the Public Sector Information Directive and B2B data sharing will be discussed (Programme). This event, with participation by the Commission, will be taking place in the Italian language. Interested parties are encouraged to register here.


Registration to the DSM stakeholder group meeting at the link below: