Ten new Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications have been selected following the recent call under European Research Infrastructures. They will promote the use of upcoming exascale and extreme performance computing capabilities and scale up existing parallel codes towards exascale scaling performance.

Image shows the logos of the 11 Centres of Excellence

In addition, they will address the skills gap in computational science in the targeted domains by specialized trainings for increased adoption of advanced HPC in industry and academia. They will bring together the European world-class knowledge and expertise in applying established mechanisms, user driven development, performance tools and programming models for HPC, and co-design activities for real systems based on leading edge technologies. The Centres of Excellence cover the areas of engineering, environmental science, renewable energy, materials modelling and design, molecular and atomic modelling, Big Data and Global System science, and bio-molecular research, and tools to optimize HPC applications performance.

These are the new CoEs:

A CoE under the previous 2015 Call for proposals is still ongoing: E-CAM, a Centre of Excellence for software, training and consultancy in simulation and modelling in the material science field. – project website

Further info on the recent call under European Research Infrastructures