Consumers, businesses and the EU economy as a whole are denied the full economic benefits of a truly single and competitive EU-wide telecoms market because of inconsistent application of EU telecoms rules, according to the European Commission's annual report on the Single European Electronic Communications Market. Most Member States' markets have become more competitive, but remain national in dimension. Moreover, the level of competitiveness varies strongly between Member States. Although Europe's telecoms sector weathered the financial storm in 2009 (0% growth compared to a 4.2% EU-wide economic decline), consistent enforcement of existing rules and investment in innovative services hold the key to future growth.

In its Digital Agenda for Europe (IP/10/581), a flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 strategy (IP/10/225), the Commission urges the telecoms industry and EU governments to join forces to bring high-speed internet access and interactive communications services for all citizens and businesses.

Full press release (IP/10/602)

Full report, staff working documents and country chapters

Country by country breakdown of 15th Progress Report on European Telecoms Market 2009 and glossary (MEMO/10/211)

Why Europe needs the Digital Agenda- Speech by Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital agenda, 'World Congress on Information Technology', Amsterdam, 25th May 2010 (SPEECH/10/258)