At the "Saving Lives Awards" ceremony, Mrs. Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society and Media, rewarded personalities and organizations who made outstanding contributions to improve road safety based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The winners were selected amongst the road safety stakeholders committed to support the Commission's objective to cut by half the number of fatalities on Europe's road by 2010.

  • Robert BOSCH GmbH was granted the 2008 Industry & Technology award for its marketing and communication efforts to accelerate the deployment in the European market of eSafety technology, namely the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). If installed in all cars, this technology would help save 4000 lives and avoid 100.000 injuries every year. As a result of Robert BOSCH GmbH's campaign, the ESC installation rate in newly registered cars in Europe went up by 50% in 2007
  • The Swedish Road Administration (SRA) was given the 2008 Policy & Administration award for its work to deploy eSafety systems in Sweden, where now almost all new cars sold in Sweden are equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Today, 97% of all new cars sold in Sweden have an ESC system, an unmatched success.
  • Dr. Gerhard Rollmann, Chairman of the Strategic Automotive Radar Frequency Allocation Group (SARA), was prized with the 2008 Lifetime Achievement award. Dr. Rollmann's work in sensor and radar technology was of utmost importance for the eSafety initiative and it has been fully dedicated to supporting the international frequency allocation process for automotive radar worldwide.

The "Saving Lives Awards" is organised by the eSafety Forum, a joint platform for the promotion of intelligent vehicle safety systems.

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