SUNRISE has released a technological roadmap for a large-scale research initiative to provide solutions for the transition to a circular economy powered by sunlight, through the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals.

Image shows cover page of the roadmap document

SUNRISE aims to address the scientific, technological and societal challenges to accomplish the recycling of CO2 into a variety of products, the combination of nitrogen with hydrogen to produce ammonia for fertilizers and, more generally, the direct solar-powered production of fuels and platform chemicals.

The released roadmap defines the main technological approaches and the technological milestones to be achieved and it focuses on four research areas:

  • sustainable hydrogen production
  • sustainable ammonia production
  • sustainable carbon-based chemicals and (jet) fuels
  • sustainable carbon capture and Sunrise key enablers

The roadmap integrates the knowledge of a broad group of scientists across Europe and is open to feedback from the research community until 13 December.

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