The Study on business and financing models related to ICT for ageing well (a project commissioned by DG CONNECT and conducted by Ernst & Young and the Danish Technological Institute), has identified and analyzed 20 European best practices of ICT solutions for ageing well, with the aim of showing that this is an area worth investing funds on, and that it is capable of generating a return on investment, in line with the social and economic European context. Based on the findings, it is clear that the public sector, policy makers, the private sector and commercial actors can successfully work together to overcome the barriers identified in this particular market (such as the lack of European-wide standards and the absence of clear funding and reimbursement models), at the same time making the most of the precious lessons learned to date (such as taking a medium/long-term view on the possibilities of this market and working with new business and partnership models). A more specific analysis on 5 of the 20 cases will be published soon, focused on assessing their actual and potential replicability and scalability.