Take part in a survey on licensing practices of Open Data Portals

The Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) programme of the European Commission has launched a survey on the licensing of Public Sector Information. The purpose of this survey is to identify the licensing needs of public administrations when publishing open data. To complete the survey, please go the survey page

ISA Action 4.2.5

The survey is conducted in light of ISA action 4.2.5 on defining a common strategy to enable the efficient and effective sharing and reuse of several types of artefacts linked to the provision of several types of artefacts linked to the provision of public services in Europe. Public services can be implemented faster and more efficiently by using already available solutions and common services and by learning from the experiences of other Member States. Using the same solutions and adapting others' best practices indirectly result in services that are more interoperable and more open.
Public administrations are increasingly called upon opening their data. Doing so in an uncoordinated manner, going from public administrations having a clear policy, imposing the public use of licences that already exist and are well know (such as Creative Commons) to no guidance at all. Such a multiplicity of approaches limits the the opportunities of sharing and re-using open data, which would go against the ambitious goals of the ISA programme.
Please refer to the webpage of ISA action 4.2.5 for more information.


Deadline for participating in the survey is 30 May 2014