The public consultation on the role of publishers in the copyright value chain and on the 'panorama exception' was held from 23 March until 15 June 2016. You will find below the responses of individual participants, organisations and other stakeholders who gave their consent to publication as well as two synopsis reports on the results of the public consultation (one focusing on the 'publishers' section and another focusing on the 'panorama exception' section).

Synopsis reports

The 'publishers' section of the consultation gathered views in particular on the impact that granting an EU neighbouring (or 'related' right) to publishers could have on different parties and as to whether the need (or not) for intervention was different in the press sector as compared to other publishing sectors.

The 'panorama exception' section of the consultation collected feedback for the Commission's analysis of the current legislative framework applicable to this exception and gathered views as to whether the current rules give rise to specific problems in the context of the Digital Single Market.

The Commission is publishing two synopsis reports (please find below), one dedicated to the analysis of the replies to the 'publishers' section and one dedicated to the analysis of the replies to the 'panorama exception' section.

  • Synopsis report on the 'publishers' section EN FR DE
  • Synopsis report on the 'panorama exception' section EN FR DE

The Commission has taken into account the results of the public consultation in its work on the modernisation of the EU copyright rules.


The consultation received 6203 replies. 2791 of them were gathered by a third party campaign ('fixcopyright') run by a coalition of stakeholders and sent to the Commission in one go.

  • The section on the 'panorama exception' received 4876 replies, 2216 (around 45%) of them were gathered by the third party campaign 'fixcopyright';
  • The section on publishers received 3957 replies, 2389 of them (around 60%) were gathered by the third party campaign 'fixcopyright'.

Below you will find the non-confidential responses to the above-mentioned public consultation, some of which have been anonymised at the request of the respondent.

Contributions received from respondents: