The synopsis report presents the results of the targeted consultation on the exercise of rights and related rights of performers and producers in the audiovisual sector carried out by the European Commission between 31 July and 31 December 2019.

The European Commission carried out this targeted consultation in the context of a reporting obligation under Directive 2011/77/EU. Article 3(2) of this directive requires the Commission to issue a report assessing the possible need for an extension of the term of protection of the rights of performers and producers in the audiovisual sector. The European Commission publishes a Staff Working Document that complies with this reporting obligation.

The aim of the targeted consultation was to gather relevant information and data on the exploitation of rights in the audiovisual market in relation to the term of protection. The consultation was addressed to performers, producers and providers of content (such as broadcasters or online platforms) in the audiovisual sector. 301 replies were received, mainly from performers. The summary report was published in January 2020. The synopsis report provides for a complete analysis of the answers received to the consultation.



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