Sweden published an updated broadband strategy in December 2016. The new targets set by the government are quite ambitious, looking to connect 95% of citizens with 100 Mbps by 2020. This is well beyond the 2020 targets set by the EU. Furthermore the plan looks to achieve 98% of connections to reach 1 Gbps by 2025. This makes Sweden the first Member State to translate the European Commission's Gigabit society vision into a national strategy.

Presented by the Housing and Digitalisation Minister Peter Eriksson, the program is in line with the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's priority in offering every citizen in the country access to basic state services as well as faster broadband.

Peter Eriksson stated: “We cannot continue with a strategy that leaves people out”. Fast broadband connection is a key requirement in Swedish government's vision. A fully connected Sweden will enable better conditions to live and work in the country, drive growth and innovative production.

The new strategy in numbers

The short term goal is raised to 95% for all households and businesses having access to broadband of at least 100 Mbps already in 2020.

In line with European goals, the new broadband strategy raises the bar of speed and accessibility to 98% at 1 Gbps; 99.9% at 100 Mbps and 0.1% at 30 Mbps by 2025. The short term goal (2020) has also been raised to 95% at 100 Mbps.