Do you have experience in the healthcare sector? Have your say in the EPP eHealth survey about ICT usage and unmet needs of healthcare institutions.

The EPP-eHealth project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, has recently launched an online survey. The purpose is to understand the needs of healthcare institutions in various European countries and assess the potential of usage of ICT solutions (Information and Communication Technologies) - especially technologies that allow management and transmission of information including the Internet, wireless networks, Bluetooth, cellular networks and satellite networks.

The feedback will be aggregated and will inform the next stage in the EPP eHealth project which is the development of a Joint Statement of Unmet Needs.

  • We kindly invite you to participate in the survey. It should take you 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey has also been published in Spanish, Polish and Danish.

Transforming the market

EPP-eHealth aims to transform the market for eHealth solutions through dialogue and innovation procurement.

The project will work towards this aim by creating a network of procuring organisations that understand the opportunities  eHealth can offer and have competence in innovation procurement and the capacity to pioneer new approaches to collaborative procurement.

As well as stimulating demand for eHealth goods and services and creating a robust framework for practical procurement (public procurement of innovation – PPI –and pre-commercial procurement – PCP –) outcomes within the period of the project, it will also serve as a leading procurers group for the wider population of some 15,000 hospitals in Europe.


On 11 and 12 May 2016 the project held a 2-day workshop that provided an opportunity for EU-funded procurement projects and a wide European community of public health and care procurers to come together, share their experience of implementing innovation procurement projects and together identify how this important area of work can be strengthened through collaborative learning and action in the future.

Financial support for Innovation Procurement

Over the last few years the European Commission has supported a number of eHealth projects exploring the use of innovation procurement to create viable markets for innovative goods and services. To date more than 15 'CSA' (Coordination and Support Action), 'PPI' (Public Procurement of Innovative solutions) and 'PCP' (Pre-Commercial Procurement) projects have been supported in the field of health and eHealth, with more coming on stream in 2016 and with new calls for projects anticipated within the framework of the Horizon 2020 funding programme for Research and Innovation.

Are you a health procurer and are you interested in applying for funding? The EPP eHealth project can assist you and help you find potential partners.