This questionnaire aims to collect data about the results of projects funded through the European Union's Research and Innovation programme FP7 and the actions taken by beneficiaries to bring the results to market. It targets in particular projects in the areas of computing, embedded systems, and digital factories.

Deadline extended until 29 June

The European Commission wants to learn about the actions taken by beneficiaries after the end of their project to bring products and services to the market or to use the project results internally.

Based on the information collected, the European Commission will identify potential success stories to be published, in collaboration with the responsible organisations, through the different communication channels of the European Commission (such as website, social media and print materials) in order to showcase the projects' results. Furthermore, the data from this questionnaire will increase insight within the European Commission on the use of project results (impact assessment), though no publications will follow from this.

Target respondents

This questionnaire is targeted to commercial and implementation activities after the projects end. Enterprises and research institutes with commercial activities are therefore the main targets. Organisations with predominantly non-commercial activities, such as universities, should only fill in the questionnaire in case they plan(ned) commercial activities, e.g. via spinoffs.

The survey is targeted specifically to projects from the following FP7 calls:

  • FoF-ICT-2011.7.4: Digital factories: Manufacturing design and product lifecycle management
  • FoF-ICT-2013.7.1: Application experiments for robotics and simulations
  • FoF-ICT-2013.7.2: Equipment assessment for sensor and laser based applications
  • ICT-2007.3.3: Embedded systems design
  • ICT-2007.3.4: Computing systems
  • ICT-2007.3.7: Networked Embedded and Control Systems
  • ICT-2009.3.4: Embedded systems design
  • ICT-2009.3.5: Engineering of Networked Monitoring and Control Systems
  • ICT-2009.3.6: Computing systems
  • ICT-2011.3.3: New paradigms for embedded systems, monitoring and control towards complex systems engineering
  • ICT-2011.3.4: Computing systems
  • ICT-2013.3.4: Advanced Computing, Embedded and Control Systems

How to submit your contribution

You may reply to this consultation online only. It will take you just a few minutes. 

In case you want to prepare your contribution, you may download the PDF file of the questionnaire and draft your input to the open text questions before submitting them. 

To submit a valid questionnaire you must at least answer all the compulsory questions and remember to click the "submit" button at the end. Partially completed questionnaires which have not been submitted will not be analysed but will be counted for statistical reasons.

If you leave the questionnaire for 90 minutes without activity, your contribution will not be saved due to a time-out. This is much more than the time necessary to complete the questionnaire.

Multiple submissions

Given the nature of the questionnaire, you may submit only one contribution per project. You should submit a contribution for each project your organisation participated in.

The questionnaire is only available in English.

Period of consultation

The online questionnaire will be open until 29 June 2018. Personal data and contributions will be dealt with according to the privacy statement.

Next steps

After closure of the questionnaire, the Commission will analyse and process the replies received and use them for defining success stories, as mentioned above. You may be contacted for possible success stories during the remainder of 2018. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us via email.