This study collected and benchmarked information from 31 European countries (27 EU Member States, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey) on the access, use, competence and attitudes of students and teachers regarding ICT in schools.

The Survey of Schools: ICT in Education, published in February 2013, has been the last in-depth analysis on the uptake of technology in classrooms across Europe, with data collected in 2011-2012. The study was undertaken by the European Schoolnet and the University of Liège.

The study is based on responses to over 190,000 questionnaires by students, teachers and head teachers from 31 European countries (EU Member States plus Iceland, Norway and Turkey). The study provided detailed and reliable benchmarking on the use of ICT in school education across Europe, from infrastructure provision to use, confidence and attitudes.

Highlights of the survey

  • On average, between three and seven EU students shared one computer.
  • Between 25 % and 35% of students at grades 4 (average age: 9.5 years) and 8 (average age: 13.5 years), and around 50% of students at grade 11 (average age: 16.5 years), were in highly equipped schools.
  • School heads and teachers considered that insufficient ICT equipment was the major obstacle to ICT use.
  • Around 50% of students at grades 8 use a desktop or a laptop during lessons at school at least weekly.
  • Around 20% of the students in grades 8 and 11 never or almost never used a computer during lessons.
  • At EU level, only around 25-30% of students are taught by teachers for whom ICT training is compulsory.

Final report, country fiches and background material

The final results are available in the form of a final report.

Specific country profiles are available for the following countries:

Additional background material (technical reports, questionnaires, codebooks, etc.) is available in the form of the following documents:

2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

Building on the results of the first Survey of Schools: ICT in Education, the European Commission published the 2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in Education in March 2019. The study assessed progress made in mainstreaming ICT in education and defined the conditions for a highly equipped and connected classroom.