Healthcare systems nowadays require a robust supply of both highly proficient eHealth/IT professionals as well as an overall workforce that has a sufficient level of digital skills to make the optimum use of eHealth information technology. You can now have your say on this matter: What are the needs, trends and gaps you are experiencing?

The EU-funded EU*US eHealth Work project is currently mapping the development of a digitally skilled health workforce. It has created a survey which aims to capture information about your health Digital Skills; available curriculum and/or workplace training programs and skills assessment tools; educational needs, trends and future state mapping. The survey is fully anonymous.

Why participate?

  1. Enable new eHealth workforce members to advance in their workplace.
  2. Help incumbent professionals sustain success in their roles.
  3. Share your personal insights to shape health IT and informatics, enabling a digitally skilled Health workforce.
  4. Support decision makers to deploy best eHealth education for all health related professions.

Access the survey

EU*US eHealth Work project website