A fact finding study has been carried out for the European Commission to provide evidence for and support to the final evaluation of ENIAC and ARTEMIS Joint Undertakings and the interim evaluation of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. The study builds on data collection and analysis, bibliographical review, portfolio analysis of projects, dedicated surveys, as well as interviews with relevant stakeholders.

The evidence gathered and analysis done on the support study for the Evaluation of ENIAC/ARTEMIS/ECSEL Joint Undertakings was used by a panel of independent experts who formulated answers to evaluation questions for the final evaluation of the ENIAC and ARTEMIS JUs and the interim evaluation of ECSEL. The appropriate methodology was developed to address the evaluation questions, detail the data collection and data analysis strategy, gather the evidence and analyse it.

The fact finding study covers the full impact (in overall duration) of the ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Undertakings operating under the Seventh Framework Programme, with a focus on project results and impact, and effectiveness of the programme along 5 dimensions:

  • Implementation of research agenda and impact;
  • Participation and funding in projects;
  • Mobilising and pooling efforts to increase investments;
  • Synergy and coordination of European Research & Development including Eureka;
  • Involvement of SMEs

Furthermore, a 6th dimension was examined, in view of the transition to ECSEL, with a focus on the openness, transparency and effectiveness of the Joint Undertaking operating under Horizon2020.

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