Digital technologies will unleash people's creativity, make transport smoother, healthcare more affordable and industry more productive. Director General of DG Connect Roberto Viola invited several of his peers to highlight the benefits of digital transformation in 4 fields: mobility, skills, industry and high performance computing.

How will Europeans travel in 10 years? Will doctors use supercomputers to better diagnose diseases? What digital technologies will enable SMEs to innovate? And will people have higher level of digital skills?

Roberto Viola has shared and collected ideas for the digital future of Europe. These texts should serve as a basis for dicsussions at Digital Day in Rome.

HPC allows us to design and simulate the effects of new drugs, provide faster diagnosis and support decision-making in many areas like electricity, water distribution or urban planning.

Find more details about the role of supercomputers in tomorrow's economy and society in the joint blog post by Roberto Viola and Robert-Jan Smits.

Digital innovations have a great potential to create new and exciting jobs, to help establish dynamic new companies, and to provide new perspectives for established businesses.

Read the joint blog post by Roberto Viola and Lowri Evans about digitisation of European industry.


To make connected and automated driving a reality, it is now important to have all, the EU, national authorities and industry teamed up to experiment with new technologies and the enabling conditions: connectivity, access to data, security and liability.

Roberto Viola and Henrik Hololei share their vision for connected & automated mobility in the recent joint blog post.

We need to give all Europeans at all ages the opportunity for life-long learning and for updating of their skills so that they can successfully manage the rapid changes in the economy and society.

Roberto Viola and Martine Reicherts talk about the digital transformation's impact on jobs & skills in their joint blog post.