On January 18th, 13 participants joined the European Commission and study team supporting the European Commission’s Review of the PSI Directive for a high-level discussion on the public-sector information re-use within the current legislative framework.

This interactive event (upon invitation only) gathered both data holders/providers (e.g. public sector bodies, entities operating public services under concession) and data re-users (start-ups, re-users associations etc.) with the purpose of discussing a number of topics:

  • The existence and impact of remaining barriers in the provision and re-use of public sector information from a technical and non-technical perspective;
  • Concrete examples of the abovementioned barriers and best practices on how to address them;
  • The policy way forward and possible measures aimed at improving data provision and sharing in Europe.

From the discussion, it emerged that technical barriers (and especially in terms of standards, data semantics and APIs) exist but that both data holders and re-users believe these can be addressed within the current legislative framework although it requires investing time and resources into identifying appropriate solutions.

According to the participants, the most relevant barriers for PSI re-use still concern access to data (data is not available or not shared) and the different charging practices of Member States. In these areas as well as on the subject of (de facto) exclusive agreements, some stakeholders asked for more EU intervention due to the need of establishing harmonised, clear and fair rules for all re-users and in order to enable re-usability of data across borders. Furthermore, participants said it is important to continue pushing for increasing public sector’s awareness and fostering a cultural change amongst public officials.

For more information, please read the complete report of the event.

Agenda of the event



14h – 14h10

European Commission: introduction

  • Mr. Yvo Volman, Head of Unit G1, DG CNECT

14h10 – 14h20

Study Team: introduction to the study and to the main topics for the roundtable

  • Mr. Pierre Chrzanowski
  • Ms. Martina Barbero

14h20h – 14h30

Round table: short presentation of each of the participants

14h30 – 15h30

How to facilitate data re-use under the PSI Directive: technical barriers & best practices on how to address them

  • Data quality and continuity of provisions
  • Costs and benefits of APIs
  • Dynamic data/real time data
  • Open data standards

15h30 – 16h00

Coffee Break & Networking

15h50 – 17h00

How to facilitate data re-use under the PSI Directive: non-technical barriers & best practices on how to address them

  • Cost of data acquisition
  • Availability of key datasets
  • (de facto) exclusive agreements
  • Locked data: research bodies and public utility companies

17h00 – 17h45

Open discussion on possible policy measures for improving data provision and re-use in Europe

17h45 – 18h00

European Commission: key takeaways from the discussion, wrap up and conclusions

  • Mr. Yvo Volman, Head of Unit G1, DG CNECT