Recognized as one of Europe's most promising startups by Seedcamp, Sezion is doing amazing things with video and is another great example of the growing culture of entrepreneurship amongst young Spaniards.

Put simply, Sezion helps transform large amounts of data into online, personalised videos. The automatic video editing technology allows companies and developers to create new videos from preexisting ones or even create videos out of written and audiovisual content on the Internet. Images, logos, music and all other content can be included with minimum effort. This enables companies to enhance their SEO, their branding and ultimately grow their sales.

Buoyed by support and funding from the European Commission, Wayra, Caixa Capital Risc, ENISA and the Spanish Ministry of Cuture, Education and Sports, Sezion has been a finalist or semifinalist in over a dozen awards in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Brazil and Spain. An original market idea, backed by unflagging passion even in times of difficulty from its founders Josías De La Espada, Jonatan Bertuzzi and Harán Lerma, has turned Sezion into a value-added business tool in countries all over the world.

For Josías: “entrepreneurship is a very good option for many people and a positive attitude towards learning could help us build a better country. I think entrepreneurship is necessary, not as a fad, but as part of our culture.

Find out more about Sezion and the team on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

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