Docebo’s simple Saas learning management system supplies, tracks and certifies business courses; allowing businesses to reduce costs of training and optimize time dedicated to training activities.

Starting a web business requires determination and commitment, motivated young entrepreneurs who are up for a challenge have every chance of success. Founder of Italian Startup Docebo, a cloud-based e-learning platform for businesses, Claudio Erba, stays true to his claim.

The platform is equipped with various applications such as a videoconferencing and HR tools to create more engaging learning experiences, that can be tailored to each client’s needs.

With the help of funding from Seeweb and Principia SGR, Docebo has been gaining an international presence since its launch in 2005. It currently has offices in Sovico, Naples, Athens (USA) and is used by over 700 organisations around the world.

The company’s experienced CEO, Claudio Erba, who also founded in partnership with IEI Spa in 1999, claims that whilst ‘the world of IT requires hours and hours of work, patience and dedication’, it is also ‘a great opportunity for young people who have the will to challenge themselves and develop their own ideas’.

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